2020 Bridal Dresses – Models for Winter / Autumn / Summer Weddings


Simple wedding gowns preferred by celebrities were marked by 2019. Will this simplicity be over? A lot has been spoken. However, when we look at the wedding dresses for the 2020 season, we saw that plain wedding dresses are at the forefront. We said let’s share these wedding dress models with you. 2020 wedding dress models come with simplicity for winter weddings. Wedding dress fashion seems to continue this fashion not only for winter, but also for spring, summer and autumn. Before we examine the reflection of 2020 wedding dress fashion on the seasons, let’s examine the general reflection of this fashion on Wedding Dresses.

2020 Bridal Dresses – Models for Winter / Autumn / Summer Weddings

Polka Dot Fashion Does Not End

The polka dot fashion that we have been waiting for for years to come and we haven’t seen around for a while is coming back. The polka dot patterns that we see in the 2020 wedding dresses show themselves not directly to the wedding dress, but also by the tulle and lace on the wedding dress.

  • Ideal for those looking for a romantic wedding dress
  • Patterns are not on the wedding dress.
  • It is designed on lace and tulle.

Feather Touch on Wedding Dresses

Feathers are among the most common decorations we will see in 2020 wedding dresses. Wedding dress designers want to capture a romantic atmosphere in 2020 wedding dresses. For this reason, some small feather touches were used on the wedding dresses’ hem, neckline and sleeves. Some bridal gowns were created from top to bottom with feathers.

  • Feather details are added to add a romantic atmosphere to the wedding dress.
  • It seems that the most trendy wedding dresses in 2020 wedding dresses will be feathered wedding dresses.
  • Feather inserts are generally used on the hem and sleeves of the wedding dress.
  • The feather look is a very nice detail that makes the wedding dress even more elegant.

When we examined the 2020 wedding dresses, if it is open, our favorite wedding dresses were featured and used wedding dresses. If you want to capture an elegant and romantic image, you should take a look at feather embroidered bridal gowns.

Raised Arms

We have seen fluffy bridal sleeves quite often at weddings this year. However, the 2020 bridal sleeves seem to be more voluminous than the puffy sleeves of 2019.

  • In elegant and simple wedding dresses, the explosion occurred on the sleeves.
  • The wedding dresses with puffy sleeves have a remarkable atmosphere.
  • These models were created especially for candidates with narrow shoulders.
  • The inspiring source of voluminous arm fashion is the Renaissance period
  • It can be said that vintage designs stand out for wedding dresses in 2020.

One Shoulder Fashion

One-shoulder designs are among the bridal dresses we will encounter in 2020. One shoulder seems to be quite frequent this season. You can choose one-shoulder wedding dresses for a strong and noble look. One shoulder fashion;

  • It was created with inspiration from the Hellenistic period.
  • This model wedding dress is mostly preferred by brides who want to reveal the upper body.
  • It helps you to have a strong and noble appearance.

Modernity Coming With Asymmetry

Folded bridal skirts, short short-back models, fluffy tails are some of the details that will be in wedding dresses in 2020. Candidates who want to have elegance with an asymmetrical look can browse these wedding dresses. These wedding gowns;

  • It helps to reveal thin and long legs.
  • You make a difference with the fluffy tails.
  • You can catch originality in your wedding dress with floor cuts.

Judge Collars Are Returning

Dominant collar wedding dresses, which show themselves slightly in 2019, make a bombast entry in 2020. The dominant collar fashion will talk about weddings now. 2020 bridal gowns are among the models for winter weddings. Tippet;

  • Choice of long and narrow neck brides
  • More suitable for autumn and winter.
  • It adds a stylish and elegant look.

Fluffy and Simplicity Together

Our brides, who say that my wedding dress should be both fluffy, simple and fashionable, have heard your voice and added the bridal dress models that combine fluffy and simplicity to their 2020 wedding dress creation. These wedding gowns;

  • Drape is designed in M and heart type.
  • The skirt of the wedding dress is slightly raised and
  • Satin is generally preferred as fabric.

Color Processing Elegance

This season, the trend of wedding dresses is colored embroidery. Our brides who want to capture a romantic atmosphere in the wedding dress and color the plain white wedding dress with colorful embroidery can take a look at the wedding dresses designed in this way. Color processing;

  • The free-spirited bride candidates have won great admiration.
  • It creates a romantic atmosphere in the wedding dress.
  • It is especially the choice of bride candidates who will have a rural wedding.

Nude and Golden Fashion in Wedding Dress

As an alternative to white, the most preferred bridal colors are nude and golden. You will be better to see these colors frequently in bridal gowns this season as well.

  • A romantic and bold image
  • Designs that make a difference
  • It can be preferred for pool and country weddings.

Slip Dress Wedding Dresses

Slip dress dresses, one of the most preferred dresses of red carpet, appear in the 2020 wedding dress creation. These wedding dresses, which have a very plain appearance, create a flowing appearance from the body. For this reason, the fabric used in these wedding dresses is satin.

It is the choice of candidates who rely on their body lines.
It is known as slip dress.
It has a light and simple design.
Satin fabric is used to create a flowing appearance on the body.

Models for Autumn Weddings

2020 Fall and 2020 wedding dress models are created for winter weddings using feathers, flowers, traditional embroidery, shimmering plain star patterns.

Among the bridal dresses that we will come across most at autumn weddings, are floor-length bridal skirts and asymmetrical wedding gowns. The most common processing among these bridal gowns is feathers.

Polka dot model stands out in autumn wedding dresses.
It is waiting for the season to mark the season with its designs in downy wedding dresses.
Judge collar elegance welcomes us in autumn.

Models for the First Spring Weddings

Wedding dresses with floral patterns on tulle come to the fore for spring weddings. These wedding gowns are especially popular in country weddings. You can comfortably see that tulle design stands out in spring bridal gowns. These wedding dresses also have elegant embroidery on the ends of the veils. The first spring bridal dresses that have become a whole in this way offer a very suitable creation for the pool and country wedding;

Wedding dresses in which the sleeves are voluminous are in the first place in the spring bridal fashion.
Layered wedding gowns are also very popular for these months.
Fluffy and simple bridal gowns suitable for every season

Models for Summer Weddings

Summer weddings are the festival of the wedding season. When you enter the summer months, at least 3 friends get married a day. That’s why the summer months are declared as the month of weddings and bridesmaids. Here are the creations created for the bride candidates in these important months when weddings take place;

We can say that the fluid looking dresses called slip dresses are among the most preferred wedding dresses.
Apart from this, it is quite fashionable in colored embroidered wedding dresses.
Feather embroidered wedding gowns are also here.

In this article, where we examine the bridal fashion of 2020 in general, among our favorite bridal dresses, there are fluffy and plain wedding gowns and asymmetrical cut bridal gowns.

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