Green Apple Effect in Kitchen | Decorating Ideas

Green Apple Effect in Kitchen | Decorating Ideas

Considering the preparation, cooking and even eating time, we spend a lot of time in the kitchens. If you are going to renovate your kitchen, we have a great color suggestion for you: Green apple …

You can create a more spacious and peaceful ambiance by taking advantage of the green apple color that gives a feeling of freshness. Regardless of its size, you can use the balancing of white with this impressive color that will break the ordinary. White and green are a very harmonious lover.

While increasing the effect of the white and green color you use on the ceiling, it strengthens the sense of spaciousness in your kitchen. It is possible to use different shades of green apple color in the kitchen. For example, you can capture hues on the right or left walls and ceiling beams. In these areas, you can choose darker shades of green on contrasting walls and lighter shades of green that balance. In this way, you will ensure that the area has a more spacious, calm and peaceful appearance. Green at the center of the color spectrum has an excellent balancing effect. This color, which smells of peace, also gives very good results in decorative objects, tableware and kitchen textiles. You can easily create light games with the green color that helps the light reach the blind spots and dark corners.

Green apple color fits very well with the wood materials you use in your kitchen. The emphasis of the color is increased with a wooden counter, cabinet doors or a sideboard. You can also use off-white in your furniture to balance all the decoration. Painted with a fresh and vibrant shade of green apple, the main walls can bring a separation between the preparation area and the dining area. It is possible to use shades of green according to their usage areas. For example, while choosing lighter shades in the preparation area, you can apply dark shades in the dining area. When painting your kitchen, we recommend that you pay attention to the properties of the paint. With water-based paints that you can apply on all surfaces, you will take precautions against moisture and stains that inevitably occur in kitchens. You will also keep the paint of your walls looking new for longer. Paints with this feature also allow to remove stains and scratches on walls easily and quickly with a damp cloth. Now is the time to have a pleasant tea in this beautiful kitchen …

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